The Whole Story

As a dedicated wedding photographer, it is my goal to make sure that any couple I photograph on their special day receives a level of service that is above and beyond what they expect. Let me explain to you the steps I take to put your mind at ease so you know you are making the right decision by choosing me as your wedding photographer.

Our First Meeting

If you are interested in booking Casey Photography for your wedding day the first step is to contact me to set up a meeting between us so that we can discuss what you are looking for in a wedding photographer. During our initial meeting you will be able to see previous samples of my work to make sure it fits what you want. This will give you a better feel of my photography style and the diversity of my work. We will then discuss what is best for you when it comes to your wedding photography package.

Working with the right photographer will be enough to put you at ease once you see that they know and understand what you want when it comes to photography. Finding the right photographer also helps you get the most for your money. Since this is so important to me, I guarantee that you are under no obligation to book my services based on our first meeting alone. I want you to have the freedom to book the services you want when you are comfortable booking them.

Once You Have Booked With Me

If you choose me as your photographer you will receive a dedicated and personalised photography services. As an experienced professional photographer I am always able and willing to offer you advice in regards to every aspect of your wedding. Maintaining the high standard of service I pride myself on means that I never shoot more than 30 weddings in one year. This way I can ensure that you will receive my undivided attention throughout our time working together.

One month before your wedding I provide you with a consultation day, which I feel is a very important part of the services I offer. On your consultation day I will meet with you and your partner so that we can prepare for your wedding day together. Prior to your wedding day I will drive the same route I will have to drive that day. My drive begins at the location where the bride will be getting ready for the wedding and takes me to the Ceremony location, the location of the photo shoot and the wedding reception. This avoids any last minute panic when it comes to traveling on the wedding day. I will also devise a list of all the formal photography shots you want to have taken at your wedding. I do this to reassure you and your loved ones will all be included in the photos you want to be included in. Compiling this list in advance helps your wedding day photo shoot run smoothly and efficiently.

After our meeting I will take you to the beautiful Ballincollig Park where we will have a fun thirty minute photo shoot. This is a vital part of the process because it gives me a chance to find out how you like to be photographed and also gives you time to feel comfortable being in front of the camera. Doing this prior to the wedding avoids time constrictions and added pressure on you on your wedding day. After working with me in the weeks leading up to your wedding you will feel more comfortable and better prepared when your wedding day arrives. I have found that experiencing this photo shoot before the day of your wedding makes you more comfortable being photographed. In addition, the photos taken at that initial photo shoot can serve as your engagement pictures and will make a wonderful addition to your wedding album.

The Wedding

On your special day I begin my work by photographing the bride as she gets ready for the wedding. This gives me a great opportunity to take photos that showcase the dress, shoes and all the little details that so much time has gone into.

I will work through your ceremony without interrupting it in any aspect. With the list of formal photos you want taken I can easily get through the process in no time at all.

Next comes a photo shoot at any location you would like. I appreciate that it is important to you to spend time with your wedding guests, so we plan a thirty to forty minute shoot. This gives us plenty of time for a beautiful set of photos in a short amount of time without feeling rushed.

During your wedding reception I will be sure to catch the ambience of the event in each photo I take. I always make it a point to photograph you and your new spouse as you enter your wedding reception for the first time. By the time your wedding dinner is served at your reception I will be done taking your photographs and you and your spouse will have time to enjoy the reception.

After The Wedding

Even after your wedding is over you will still continue to receive a high standard of professionalism from me. Weeks after your wedding I will have your photos ready and we can schedule an appointment at your convenience. At your appointment you will be able to view all the photos taken and choose which ones you want to include in your wedding album. I will help you choose just the right photographs to help you tell the story of your wedding day. Once you have chosen what you want I will design an album for you and post it in a private online gallery. You will be able to access this gallery and make any changes to the photo album that you wish. Once you have chosen the final look of your photo album it will be ready for you within four to six weeks.